Leashed Chaos to Control
in 5 weeks!
Turn lunging, barking chaos into a walk in the park!
Is walking your dog a dreaded nightmare?

Are you regularly embarrassed by your pup's antics?

Do you dream of calmly walking a straight line at your own speed that doesn't involve crazy barking and lunging?
This leash walking training program will bring your dog's focus to you instead of every person and squirrel you pass on the streets. Walking will become a fun activity together instead of an absolute chore that has to be completed every day.
You’ll learn a system to reduce the unpredictability of walking your dog, designed to create peace and teach calmness.
  • Instant relief from behaviors such as lunging and barking.
  • Learn how to be the most valuable thing in your dog’s eye.
  • Complete confidence in what you’re doing and how you’re handling your dog. 
  • Knowledge on how to read your dog’s body language so you can predict their behavior.
  • Say goodbye to those embarrassing apologies and excuses!
Imagine being able to read your dog's mind so that you know what he's thinking before things spiral out of control!

We will build the value your dog sees in you during leash walks to prevent those embarrassing outbursts forever, meaning that you're going to feel immediate relief from your frustrations and have the confidence that your dog will make the good behavior choices that you want him to make automatically!
Your 5 week program includes:
  • Training program customized for your dog and family, specifically targeting your dog's focus and manners during walks.
  • Personalized, detailed lessons for each family member to review as needed. No more whisper down the lane trying to remember the exact instructions given during a single weekly lesson.
  • One-on-one weekly coaching calls to review lessons and fast track progress.
  • Unlimited coaching calls for the life of your dog as needed to review lessons and troubleshoot any future struggles should they appear.
  • Personalized shopping list for the training supplies essential for your dog's education.

Imagine a life in just five short weeks where you're smiling with your dog sitting calmly by your side while your neighbor drags his lunging dog by...